Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Design Collective CJ

Back in October last year I joined a CJ circle set up by Heather on the then Design Collective. I decided on a theme of "Passions", be it serious or funny and the fist posting took place on October 31st 2007. Each month I then completed an entry into one of the circle members CJ and posted on until eventually my own CJ came back to me at the end of July. It was an experience I really enjoyed despite being so apprehensive in the beginning, as I was just about to have my replacement wrist joint removed and wasn't sure how quickly I would be back crafting but I managed to do each entry and post on time. The last one was just days before I headed off to hospital again this time for my new knee LOL.

So finally having been on my "to do" lists for weeks and weeks I have taken the time to photograph the entries.

Front cover

My own entry was all about the horror greyhounds suffer in the name of entertainment but also included a CD with photo's of all my hounds past and present.

Nina's entry on her job and American Native Indians.

Jennie's entry on Words, language and her love of dancing.

Diane's entry on Life.

Gwyneth's entry on Culture & Heritage.

Carol's entry on her sons Ice Hockey team.

Heather's entry on Flowers.

Sharon's entry on her love of Chocolate.

Jane's entry on her passion for cooking.

The photo's really don't do the CJ justice, as so many pages have little tags and flaps to pull out and look at. It is so beautiful and I will treasure it always.

So to all my fellow DC circle journal members I thank you all!!!


Carol said...

wow what a gorgeous cj - will you bring it on Sat so we can have a look?

Loved the piccies of Alfie Bear having his bath and bless little Ben just standing there watching


Sharon said...

Love the CJ Sue, as I was last in the circle I got to see it first hand too and it really is beautiful.