Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Alfie Bear update

So Alfie Bear went back to see the eye specialist this week and good news no sign of any inflammation since we started reducing the eye drops. Now for the big step NO EYE drops for 6 weeks and then back again so paws crossed. Poor little chap will never have any sight in that eye but it would be good if he didn't have to lose anything else.

This photo shows his blind eye....

Actually poor little chap be blowed he's been a complete pain in the bum this week. His latest trick is to go foraging in the kitchen bin, so Sunday he pulled out the chicken carcass that I had just cooked for them, now I never put it in the kitchen bin so why oh why did I this time!!! just hope there are no serious repercussions. Yesterday he was playing with Jim indoors and actually peed up the lounge door I couldn't believe it, he's never done that before, I was so cross with him I chucked him outside!!! after about 15 minutes (well it was very cold and I can't stay cross with him for long) I called him, NO Alfie so I called and called still no Alfie by which time i was getting worried so put on some shoes and started searching for him, eventually I found him in the front garden up the corner tucked away in the brambles with a clematis vine wrapped round his neck and he was well and truly stuck and throttling himself in an attempt to get free.

This dog should come with a health warning was he bothered, not in the least once I had freed him he ran off playing with Jim...

ho hum Alfie Bear 1 Me 0 LOL

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Carol said...

Oh Sue I do so love hearing about Alfie Bear - he's so special and so are you for giving him such a great life. Made me chuckle about him getting caught up - little monkey....fingers crossed these next 6 weeks without the eye drops go well...see you Saturday xx