Saturday, 14 March 2009

Friday 13th came one day early for me on Thursday when everything I touched went wrong!!! dropped it knocked it spilt it you name it and I did it LOL. Dawn and I scrapped but the layout I was doing is still sitting on my desk waiting to be RESCUED!!

This layout is from last Saturdays crop at Bramford and was designed by Karen and Wendy. I love the bright colours of it but it took me ages to decide on a photo. Eventually I decided on this one of Ben and my brothers boys, they were so engrossed in playing with the truck that we just couldn't get them to turn round and smile for the camera!

Went into the bedroom yesterday to take a photo of the beautiful quilt Mum has made us to replace the original one which is falling to pieces and found this

Since the new quilt arrived the bedroom has been off limits to the dogs during the day but Gangley has her own idea's on this!

The quilt is gorgeous with so much work gone into it, hence the ban of dogs on it, but as Gangley said she wasn't on it but under it LOL..


Jane said...

she does look cute tucked up in bed Sue !!

Carol said...

bless her, she looks so comfy!! bet she's a right little madam that one!
gorgeous quilt Suze!