Monday, 9 March 2009

A lovely weekend!

Saturday Dawn and I went to Bramford crop and had a lovely day, did this simple layout of Jim. Well it had to be simple as my hands were still hurting after the sewing epic LOL. The journaling tells his story of how he came here and his racing history. Not that I'm interested in the racing side of it I HATE IT but felt it needed to be recorded.

Sunday we went to the scrapbooking extravaganza in Needham Market and I spent way to much but did resist having cake with my cup of tea and then had to re organise stash to make room for the new stuff. Still have loads left to sort/tidy but I've had enough for now besides which I want to play with my new stamps!!!

Alfie Bear gave us a real scare last night, his blind eye started to swell up and swell up and swell up it was huge, the only thing we can think of is he must have run into something solid. I was sure he'd be at the vets this morning but the swelling has gone down alot overnight. That dog is always covered in bumps and bruises poor little chap just doesn't see things when there on his blind side.


Jane said...

Hope Alfie Bear is ok Sue xx

Carol said...

ohh Sue I do hope that Alfie Bear is ok now...bless him...mind you, I bet my Ty can give him a run for his money at the vets at the mo!

Gorgeous layout of big Jim - he's such a gentle giant!

Did you get that gold dauber? and you naughty girl spending all that money!! lolxx I hardly spent anything! roflxx