Monday, 23 March 2009

The weekend

Had a lovely day at crop on Saturday, and did this layout of Ben at 3 months old for his album.

Seems such a long time ago now.

Sunday Eric and Marc had decided to go on a greyhound walk at Alton waters and took Sandy, Lucky, Jim and Ranger. The walk was an organised event and open to greyhounds and lurchers only so Gangley couldn't go and Eric decided as they had to be on the leads that Alfie Bear had better stay home as well as he is a NIGHTMARE on the lead.
The wonderful weather we had enjoyed all week held good and they had a brilliant time.

Meeting up and setting off

Marc with our four.

and with just the girls

Some of the hounds cooling off in the water.

and finishing off with sausages!

Whilst the hounds were out Vikki and Ben came over, the little man was so disappointed his Grandad wasn't here but we had a nice time sitting in the garden making the most of the sun and then when Eric and Marc returned we went to the village pub for a lovely lunch courtesy of Marc.

A good weekend.


Jane said...

love the photos Sue, have a nice day xx

Carol said...

oh sounds like the hounds had a great day...and ummm lunch sounds fab!

Hope Sandy is ok xx