Thursday, 22 November 2007

Ain't no stopping her now

Today Vikki (DD) passed her driving test at the first attempt!!!! unbelievably proud am I.... already she's insured the little Clio we bought her, filled up with petrol been out with hubby and Ben, who kept saying Mummy drive Mummy car LOL. Then dropped them off and drove over to her brothers in the dark and rush hour. WAY TO GO VIKKI...........

Slight improvement with Mac and at least he's going out on his walks again, have to ring vets tomorrow to discuss steroids etc.

Little Rulu is really down, her back problem which occasionally rears it's head is back and she can't jump and hasn't been out with the pack for 3 days. She looks so sad and pained... makes me feel so helpless when the dogs are poorly.

Tried to keep busy this morning whilst Vikki was taking her test so made a yummy chocolate crunchy thing fridge not oven job LOL and worked on my entry for Sharon's CJ was going very well until I broke my craft robo blade BUMMER!

Hospital yesterday, now have a silicone gel patch to wear over the scar at night time, apparently it will rehydrate the area and help stop the scar pulling tight and maybe ease the pain. Don't have to go back for two weeks woohooo!!!!

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Jane said...

glad things are continuing to improve Sue, I love to read all your family news and about your dogs too, take care, Jane x