Thursday, 29 November 2007

Change of pills

Spoke to the vets Tuesday and as the steroids Mac was on didn't have any really big impact we have now changed to PLT's, and he already seems much improved but poor little Rulu is still really struggling. I hate her being poorly and it's a horrible reminder that time has marched on and she's an old lady now.

No scrapping today, Dawn has dumped me to go shopping in Norwich! still struggling to finish the last few Christmas cards and want to make DGS Ben's birthday card as well, seen a lovely card in papercraft inspirations that I want to try and do for him. Is it my imagination or has someone pinched some hours off he days...

Yesterday I received the next CJ in our circle. I now have Jane's beautiful CJ, her theme is "My home town" will have to have a think on this but there's plenty of time as we don't post again until 8th January.

Had Vikki and Ben over yesterday, boy is it odd not having to pick them up from the train station LOL. Ben was on top form and when we sat down to lunch his Grandad was late so he yelled "Grandad where are you" had me and Vikki in stitches. There coming over for tea Friday then we're taking Ben into town to see the Christmas lights switched on.

DS Marc popped over this morning to show me his gorgeous new car a Peugot 407, doubt I'll ever be allowed in it though far to clean and posh LOL.

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