Sunday, 11 November 2007

I did it !!!!

I drove my car this morning yay !!!!! good job it's an automatic because there's no way I could change gears but oh the joys of just popping to Tesco's on my own woohooo... actually it's only 5 minutes away but the point is it's another thing I can do, bet you're all laughing at me for getting so excited at going to Tesco's LOL.

Mum and Dad popped over this morning and it was lovely to see them, usually I try and go over on a Sunday but of course haven't been able to and with everyone having this rotten cold that's doing the rounds I've been a bit isolated from family.. Vikki and Ben now have it...

Going to spend the rest of the day making Christmas cards, although having just seen the gorgeous one's in Tesco's not really sure why I bother but apparently people are disappointed if they don't received handmade cards LOL be a bit of shock this year as normally I make beautiful 3d decoupage cards but this years are very very simple but I rather like them.

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