Thursday, 15 November 2007

New splint

Hospital again yesterday, more physio and a new lighter splint woohoo !!! and it's a different material which won't sweat so much AND it's sort of flesh colour, the old one was heavy and bright blue yuk talk drawing attention to yourself it was horrible. Anyway wrist is getting better but still pain and swelling over the knuckles soooo back again next week.ho hum....

Finished making my Christmas cards today just have to put the inserts in now then apart from writing them they're done and dusted. Another tick off the list.

Waiting on the vet to ring as Mac is really struggling. Apart from the fact he has a metal rod and 20 odd pins in his leg and a huge lump of bone growing over one of the pins he also has very stiff hips. He's been really having a miserable time for the last 2 weeks, went to the vets Friday and changed his medication but it's not made much difference so hopefully they can suggest something else. Fortunately Tom was the vet who made the very brave decision to plate and pin his leg after it just broke in several places rather than amputate, he's very fond of Mac and is as upset and concerned as we are.

Going to try and prep some LO's tomorrow for first post op crop on Saturday.

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