Monday, 1 December 2008

And so five become six !

Yesterday Eric made the long journey up to Stoke (8 hour round trip) and came home with Gangley.

Gangley has been staying with Lisa (founder of greyhoundgap) for the last few weeks after her owner committed suicide and the wife felt unable to cope with 3 whippets (sisters) and so she was moved around for a while before finally landing in gaps care.

I have been missing having a little dog since losing Rocky and then Rulu and Lisa felt Gangley wold be perfect for Alfie Bear who is need of a dog who will play. Jim will rough and tumble outside with Alfie but mainly the greyhounds like to spend their days snoozing away LOL.

So anyway here we are with Miss Whiplash safely ensconced and letting us all know what she does and doesn't expect from us. This dog may be tiny 9.5kgs but is the biggest DIVA you can imagine LOL.

Ranger is very keen on her and we can't decide if he fancies her or if he sees her as a scooby snack having licked her twice. so I'm on red alert at all times watching them all like a hawk as the new pack tries to merge with the existing pack and all find out their place and role within.

Two new dogs in under two weeks is madness even by our standards and chuck in Ranger still being keen on chasing little things makes like a bit challenging at the moment but hey ho fingers crossed Ranger behaves and can stay on until a good home is found for him and Gangley settles in and doesn't prove to be a paw to far.

The six pack

Yes she seriously did sleep under the duvet all night

Alfie Bear getting a cuddle just before she pinched all his new toys I bought him Saturday and put them in Rangers crate along with herself

and finally lining up for sweeties, please not Sandy woo is not there she prefers room service SERIOUSLY

So Eric walked in the door with Gangley at 3.55pm and I walked out at 4pm LOL to go with Vikki and Ben to see the Christmas lights switched on in Stowmarket. I'll have to do the photo's for that tomorrow as blog is now refusing to upload any more photo's and I need to eat !!!


hotpotato said...

How lovely Sue, is there any room left for you and Eric in your lounge??????Please bring some photos to next crop so we can see them all.........Janina xx

Jane said...

I think you need a bigger house!!!
Great photos Sue!

Carol said...

lol couple of questions! where do you and Eric sit and sleep?? you're mad!! (in a lovely way!! lolxx)

Looks like Gangley and alfie bear have settled down together ok - they all look so content!

See you soon, xx

Sharon said...

Love all the photos showing all the dogs!!