Monday, 8 December 2008

How cute

Is this little man with his Christmas trees LOL.

Been a manic weekend, spent Saturday with Dawn Christmas shopping then Dawn treated me to an early birthday lunch followed by a quick trip to get bushy eyebrows under control.

Sunday saw a steady stream of visitors all bearing prezzie's that Eric won't let me open until tomorrow. Gangley cast her spell and everyone fell in love with her and wanted to take her home. Ranger finally got to let rip on Saturday after Eric has cleared the garden up and he just ran and ran it was so wonderful to watch. Last night was apparently a busy night with all dogs needing to go out at various times as we wormed them all, I managed to sleep through a lot of it LOL.

So today I have wrapped up all the parcels that need to be posted and shall be going to the PO first thing, another tick off my list.

Gangley's new pink coat has arrived, watch this space *evil snigger*

Tomorrow morning AlfieBear has to go to Bury St Edmunds to see the eye specialist to make syre no inflammation has returned to his blind eye since we stopped the steroid eye drops. Ranger is also going to the vets tomorrow afternoon to complete his vaccinations and fingers crossed Mr T wwill take me out to lunch.

My poor car is up on blocks as Eric tries to find some time to start welding the big hole where the jack went through and poor old Vikki is still without her car. I think Mr T's list is longer than mine for a change, dare I mention Christmas decorations probably not LOL.

Tomorrow I am 50!


Sharon said...

Oh wow that's a big one!!
Happy birthday tomorrow Sue!!

Carol said...

Happy birthday Suzy, hope you have a fantastic day filled with loads of laughter, fun and goodies!!

See you Saturday, xx

Southend Scrappers said...

Mr T? "What you talkin' 'bout Fool!" Sorry couldn't resist (hope you are familiar with the A team)

Happy birthday!!!!

Lib x