Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Not enough hours in the day!

So day three of the six pack begins and I'm knackered LOL being on high alert all the time is taking it's toll and nothing in the world of scrapping has been achieved at all so far. My lists grow longer and all I seem to do is wash muddy towels, prepare dog meals and supervise dogs learning to play in their new pack BUT it feels so good!!! the six pack are beginning to understand where they are with each other and no major problems to report other than OMG Gangley is such a DIVA. She has definitely taken a liking for Eric and views me with complete disdain since I bought her a new jumper to keep her warm!

humans 15 Gangley love

She is a complete mercenary and tricked Eric into getting onto his lap so he thought for a cuddle but oh no she was just after getting onto his desk for the crisp packet.

15 all !

Ranger has been a total sweetheart and is beginning to be less interested in her and Alfie Bear is just so confused one minute she invites him to play and the next tells him off LOL...

Finally a photo of Vikki and Ben from Sunday evening when we went into Stowmarket to watch the Christmas tree lights being switch on, he was such a good little chap.


Carol said...

Little Ben looks so snuggley in that coat!!

Love Lady Diva's new red coat thats really smart! naughty girl for getting on the desk tho'!! lolxx

Hope you're going to be able to come to the crops.....xx

Jane said...

love the coat Sue!!