Friday, 5 December 2008

I actually scrapped

Dawn came yesterday and I actually managed to do some stuff LOL, dogs were fairly good and I had a much needed day scrapping. Nothing to show as one thing I finished is a Christmas prezzie and the LO I started never got finished LOL but hey I chilled out.

The six pack are settling well, although Ranger is getting ready to explode. It always happens with greyhounds after they have settled into a home they suddenly discover life is fun and the energy starts to build and build, I'm just hoping he waits until the weekend and then Eric can take him in the garden and let Ranger rip LOL...I love to see them discover how to play but please not until I have some back up!

Miss Whiplash is sitting back and watching us all taking it all in and planning world domination. The boys are quite terrified of her but she is more respectful to Sandy and Lucky.

The face of an angel WRONG the face of a dog planning her next move!

Eric walks Sandy, Lucky, Jim, Alfie and Ranger then comes back and takes Gangley and Ranger out. The other hounds get to run off lead up the meadow and so get rid of their energy but of course there is no way Ranger can go off lead and also it's good for him to walk with Gangley as we try to reinforce she is part of the pack and not a scooby snack but oh boy does this little lady want to walk with the whole pack. Every time she lines up in hope LOL.

We have decide as much as we hate the name Gangley it is her name and is the only continuity she has had for months so Gangley she stays xxx

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