Monday, 13 April 2009

cluck cluck cluck

We collected the hens at 2pm Friday, brought them home and popped them straight into the hen house as advised, so it wasn't really until Saturday that I got my first good look at them. I thought I was prepared but was actually really quite shocked and upset at the state of them. The little hen rescue volunteers only release healthy hens and as it turned out all people expecting to collect their hens on Saturday would have been disappointed as there was not enough healthy hens left and the adoption day was postponed a week to give the hens time to recover.

My four hens are short on feathers and what they have are prickly they are also very skinny! but we did get our first two eggs on Saturday LOL followed by another two on Sunday.

Today the hens came out without us turfing them out and look much more relaxed and provided us with another two eggs LOL.. Going to start them on a hen tonic and vitamins in the next few days. Have so far plucked (oops) the courage to hold one but they are still a bit scared of us and me of them...


Carol said...

aww bless Sue - what poor little kind of them to "pay" for their keep!! lolxx

you're a good un' whats next??


Libby said...

wow - what a lovley house they have, I'm sure they'll love it at the Sanctury!!

Lib x

Jane said...

I'm sure they will thrive with you Sue xx