Friday, 10 April 2009

Happy Easter

Today we are going to collect the hens wooohooo!

This is the hen house Eric is making, he's just adding a window now (seriously) and then we'll take it round to their enclosed area. When we collect them we have to make a donation of £1.50 per hen and then buy the following recommended supplies

- Feeder
- Drinker/s
- Layers Mash
- Bedding
- Grit
- Purple spray
- Wormers
- Vitamin tonic

Luckily they will be selling all the stuff at the collection point. We've been told to expect the hens to be very upset for several days as they will have come from being crammed in with hundreds of other battery hens and suddenly having space will scare them. Have to keep an eye out to make sure they drink as when they're stressed they don't and may need to give water with sugar direct from a syringe. Steep learning curve coming up I thing.

Did this layout of Ben yesterday, quite pleased I've managed to leave white space LOL, better put it in the album before I give in and add stuff to it.

Journalling says

Is now a little boy with
his own likes and dislikes
his favourite colour is RED
his favourite television programme
favourite food is SPAGHETTI
And the latest saying is
“I didn’t do it, it wasn’t me!

Papers, buttons and letters are all Basic Grey.

1 comment:

Carol said...

awww by now you must have got many??

Hope you're ok and enjoying this lovely and unexpected weather!

Gorgeous Layout of Ben and the one before is fab too....

Don't know about getting 2 layouts done at crops I do nothing!! lolxx

Take care, see you soon xx