Monday, 27 April 2009

What a weekend!

On Friday Eric set sail, well actually he rode his motorbike to Wales. A surprise visit to sister and BIL with tickets to watch Cardiff v Ipswich. Eric isn't a footie fan but his BIL has always supported Ipswich since being stationed at Wattisham many moons ago. Apart from almost giving his sister heart failure with the shock he had a fab weekend and a much needed break.

I on the other hand was left with 6 miserable dogs and 4 hens LOL. Ranger spent two hours howling for his Dad Friday night and sounded like a flippin donkey. Saturday night I gave him one of Eric's sweatshirts and that seemed to help and we all managed to get a bit more sleep than the previous night.

I had though i would spend the entire weekend scrapping but in the end just managed one layout but I did get lots of other chores out of the way.

Photo is of Vikki taken in 1983, when she was just 3 years old.

Papers are from Imaginisce "Fairest of the all"

My layout for the sketch collection is in SI this month, and considering I had almost no use of my left hand at the time with the nerve damage it looks ok.

Hens are now giving us 3 eggs a day and look so much better now that they have new feathers arriving thick and fast.

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Jane said...

gorgeous Sue, I can't do as well with two good hands!!