Friday, 1 May 2009

4 eggs

Yesterday for the first time we had 4 eggs from the girlies !!!!!! started off with 2 a day then went up to 3 although Sunday I only got 1 and now 4 woohoo. The girls are looking much better with their new feathers and I thought they looked fab until I saw some hens on my friends blog. Her hens must be about 5-6months old now and are huge compared to my little waifs LOL.

Nothing to show as the layout I did yesterday on my usual scrap day with Dawn is for a UKS weekly challenge in a couple of weeks that our team is doing.

Been to hospital twice in the last week, once for normal RA check up and Tuesday for pre admission appointment for my op on the 21st May.

Eric celebrated (that's not how he describes it) his birthday Wednesday so all the family came over for birthday cake in the evening, Ben had made his Grandad a spaceship which is lovely and will have to be scrapped LOL.

Off to Bramford crop tomorrow (NSD) and Janina is doing a door prize for everyone which is just as well cos if Dawn doesn't win she sulks loudly...


hotpotato said...

Ha Ha Ha......yes at least Dawn will win something this crop. LOL.
See you tomorrow......
Janina x

Carol said...

Oh Suzy I've been neglecting you!
I've missed loads..... Those layouts are gorgeous - I love the one you got into SI, my fav! and that one of Ben at 11 1/2 months is FAB!

So glad to see that Ranger has a new home...knew he'd stay!! lol

good ol' chickies...xx

Hope that Dawn was "quiet" on the way home (roflxx) and that you enjoyed the day...

See you in a couple of weeks xx