Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Dawn and I are off Saturday for our yearly treat, a weekend away in a caravan in Caistor. No chores no responsibilities just time to chill out and scrap! Yes we spend the whole weekend drinking Earl Grey munching maltesers and scrapping BLISS! hope it won't be told cold as we've had to go a month early this year due to fore coming op on foot followed by six weeks in plaster yuck! Anyway the plan was to prep an extra Lo each week so we'd have 6 to take away but of course neither of us did so now I'm in a panic getting sorted LOL there is only so much stuff you can take so a little thought is needed as it is most of the space in Dawn's mini is stash stuff with just one bag each for clothes etc LOL.

Did this layout last week of Ben back on his little quad bike after it had been put away for the winter. Eric found it in a skip last year and asked if he could have it. Put a new battery in and hey presto good as new.

Got some poorly dogs, Ranger has ripped his dew claw and bled everywhere! Lucky has hurt her neck again and cries every time she moves and poor Sandy woo has become very stiff in her back legs over the last few days and Alfie Bear has obviously crashed into something AGAIN and his blind eye is weepy! feels like I have my own dispensary handing out pills and potions. The hens are in fine form and lay four eggs most days but are a pain trying to get them to go to bed, neck wrestling is now a nightly event LOL.

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Carol said...

Hiya Suzy - hope that you and Dawn have had a great weekend away...I'm sure I commented on this post a few days ago...??????????????????? Mr Blogger is a naughty fellow hey?

I love that layout of Ben and his trike its fab and I love the doodles who do they remind me off?? lolxx

Oh big hugs for all your poorly babies....hope they are all much better soon

See you soon xx