Wednesday, 6 May 2009

My craft space

A couple of my team mates on UKS have recently managed to re arrange living accommodation and got themselves their own craft rooms and our new teamie Nic has a wonderful garage conversion, so I thought I show you my space.

Eric re arranged the study about 18 months ago and this is what I ended up with. I was thrilled with it at the time but now feel quite hard done by as even Dawn my best friend has a room of her own.

If the plans ever come to pass then I will eventually have a large room in the garage all to my self but until then !!!!!!


Jane said...

you're space looks just like mine Sue, we can keep dreaming though!!

Nikki said...

So this is where the creative magic happens hey Sue. It looks very organised, comfy and lived in.

Carol said...

I looked at your desk and thought "so, where's the rest of it hidden... lo and behold...the rest!! lolxx serious amount of stash there girlie - you wouldn't catch me with that much!! rofl xxx