Sunday, 10 May 2009


Yesterday the 4 hens produced five eggs, outstanding effort girlies!

The team I'm in on UKS is setting the weekly challenge on the 18th May and as I'm away I'll share the layout with you now. I won't spoil it by giving away the challenge elements though LOL.

Photo is of Vikki wearing this years new flyflots, every other year I treat her to a new pair and she them wears them constantly until it's too cold LOL. Paper is from Making memories and the flowers were cut out of a sheet from Sandylion.

Just finished potting up the pots and hanging baskets, a bit earlier than usual for me but needed to get it done as away at the weekend back Tuesday and into hospital Thursday so trying to clear lts of things I kno I won't feel like doing after the op.


Jane said...

thanks for comment Sue, I changed my blog using this site

Carol said...

Hiya Girlie

Hope you and Dawn have a fab weekend away, will miss you both at the crop......Good Luck with the op too xx