Friday, 21 May 2010


On Monday after months of anticipation my friend Shellie and her husband Kit arrived.

Shellie and I met through greyhound gap but when I say met, I mean we met and became cyber friends over 5 years ago. We email each other most days and have shared so many highs and lows over our precious hounds. IN November Shellie's beautiful Miss Flo passed away and so Shellie decided it was time whilst she didn't have her own dog (but OMG she's a favourite Auntie to loads of hounds who come to stay) to come and visit.

We have had such a wonderful 5 days, eating, talking, laughing and hugging. On Thursday we left the men at home and went for a stroll round Stowmarket it was totally surreal to be walking around town with my best cyber pal.

But Shellie and Kit aren't the only guests we've had this week.

Monday afternoon Eric came home with that sheepish look which means one thing, he's rescued something, a Mummy duck had hatched two of her ducklings then upped sticks and left the others. One died as soon as it hatched from cold and so Eric came home with 3 eggs. (Mummy duck wasn't coming back Eric and watched and waited for hours) so .......Tuesday early am this happened. The other 2 eggs didn't make it.

I think maybe because we had guests it just didn't occur to me to ring a rescue place and instead I just got on with looking after him. 5 minutes googling ducklings and I was an expert LOL.

Day 2

so day two sees Ed (yup I named him) looking weak and I didn't hold out much hope. However I decided to feed him every 20 minutes throughout the day and evening and by

Day 3

He looked like this.

Day 4 today

he looks like this

and is now thriving!!!

So after our guests left and much soul searching I decided it would be best for Ed to go to a sanctuary and be looked after by someone who knew what they were doing. Finally I found somewhere and arrangements were made. So why did I burst into tears, the upshot after ringing this lovely man back (who incidentally knows of us via the vets) has said Ed stands as much chance with me as him and has talked me through what I should do and expect. He's even said I can ring him daily for advice etc, so for now Ed is staying (who would have guessed that LOL) However should he decided to wake me up again at 4am demanding food this may change LOL...

Alfie is back to normal and has been thoroughly spoilt all week by Shellie and Kit (as have the others) but Jim has had a few off days, we think his pad with the corn is sore again so off to see Mr Vet next week.

So tomorrow I'm off to a workshop on alchol inks at Papermaze run by Carol and really really looking forward to it.

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kelly said...

Ahh!! What a fa job you have done he is so cute. I am glad you had a lovely time with your visitor and i hope jim is feeling better soon x