Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Sewing and stuff

Yes I know this comes as a shock to anyone who knows me but I dusted off the sewing machine. Now me and the sewing machine don't get on at all and true to form not only did the bobbin jam but the needle also broke !!!!! I did not give up although I was seriously tempted to ring my Mum who is an expert with the sewing machine but instead GRITTED MY TEETH AND PUSHED THROUGH THE TEARS AND TANTRUMS.

Aaah I hear you ask what master piece was I creating, well just a small table cloth (made from a £2.99 single sheet) and some little frills for the kitchen windows (all 3) because Eric painted the kitchen and my lovely roman blinds then clashed. Why did Eric paint the kitchen..... because it was yellow and the new porch and conservatory are green and as an Ipswich born and bred girl there is no way I could have them colours together (Norwich city FC for those who don't get it).

So here is my window frill (bad photo due to poor light).

and my little table cloth, mines the green one, Mum made the red checked bit.

So now you can see the other end of the conservatory and did you notice these

I have been playing/making them for weeks having seen them in various forms on various blogs. I think they're probably inspired by Tim Holtz LOL. So the vase started off life as a baked bean tin and I made some paper to match the coasters and hey presto I finally finished them.

There's nothing like a visit from a friend (my cyber buddy Shellie is coming with her hubby for 5 days on Monday) to make you focus on all those little jobs you've been meaning to do LOL...

PS Jim is still very well and happy.


kelly said...

Love the frills!!! You have don a fab job with your sewing, well done. Glad Jim is on the mend :)

Carol said...

Sue - WOW what a fab vase and those flowers are just gorgeous! well done you! and well done for the frills and table cloth!

So glad to hear that Jim is still doing well. Take care and see you saturday xx