Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Happy Birthday Vikki

today my daughter is 30 !!!! Happy birthday sweetheart xxx

So at tea time all the family will gather here to celebrate Vikki turning 30 LOL. I've been busy baking but made hard work of everything, just one of those days when it doesn't flow LOL.

Decided to take a break and finish this wall hanging for the porch, I've been faffing with it for days and couldn't get it right, last night Eric wandered over to my side of the study and said what about putting it off centre and it suddenly fell into place. Beginners luck !!!

Quite a good visit to the vets last night, Tom is perplexed by the lump on Jim's pad and scrapped the top off (Jim was very brave) and thought maybe he should be sedated for further investigation. Eric however suggested he gently files the top off the lump and see if that helps with the option of sedation and investigation if it doesn't. Well he had ago last night and Jim promptly jumped up and went outside and played with his football. Fingers or paws crossed this may be the solution. Tom gave Jim a complete check up and is astounded that post op (now approaching 8 months) that Jim is in excellent health with no signs of anything sinister lurking. he said he personally hasn't seen a dog with Jim's aggressive bone cancer survive this long. WTG Jim buba xxx

Okay back to the kitchen for me.

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Jane said...

hope you all have a lovely time, happy birthday Vikki xx