Monday, 29 July 2013

Each year I do a yearly scrap book which is like a visual diary of special occasions, family get togethers and maybe just day to day stuff. I knew I needed to do this layout and wanted it to be so perfect and special but it isn't the harder I tried the more upset I became until in the ended I just decided to keep it simple. On the back will be printed Orins story.

Today my son is 35 years old, where did that go, can hardly believe I have a child of 35 LOL.

Slowly the pack are settling down although still quiet, guess they're still picking up on our mood which is subdued at best. Really struggling to come to terms with Orin passing away so suddenly.

Have little Ben coming on Wednesday so that should cheer me up and the dogs.

sue x


What Remains Now said...

I love the photo you chose of Orin. That is one of my favorites. He's so big, strong and handsome. Ben will help lift everyone's spirits. Little ones always do. Happy birthday to your son!

Bill Pritchard said...

It may be simple but it is just so beautiful. Such a lovely expression on Orin's face.

Sue said...

It's a beautiful LO.

The pack like you need time to adjust.

Hope Marc had a lovely birthday. Just think of all the memories you have of your little boy.

Have a lovely time tomorrow with Ben.