Tuesday, 23 July 2013

ORIN BYATT TAYLOR 26/5/2009 - 23/7/2013


We were asked to foster Orin by greyhound gap. Orin was 3years old and terrified of the world and not doing well in the kennels. So Orin arrived here on Sunday 20th May 2012 and was indeed a very frightened dog.

Elmo loved having a new playmate and the two of them really hit off. Orin gained in confidence with each passing week although unexpected noises would still frightened him. He would also bark non stop when someone he didn’t know would visit until he felt comfortable enough to do a few quick run pasts and then the final run past would involve him giving the visitor a quick lick on the hand.

Right from the start Orin bonded with Eric and was totally 100% a Daddy’s boy, whilst Eric was at work Orin would play with Elmo and then Twizzle when she arrived or when he finally figured out he was a greyhound and not a lurcher like the other two he would spend his days on his back with 4 legs in the air. However as soon as Eric walked in he would turn into the funniest silly clown you could imagine acting the fool and playing about. He totally adored Eric and where Eric went so did Orin

On the 18th June we knew that Orin had already found his forever home, he had fitted into the pack so well and despite still having some confident issues he was so happy, so we made the formal announcement that Orin would become a Taylor hound. It felt so good having a greyhound in our pack again.
As our pack expanded with the arrival of Twizzle and Belle and later with Indy and Rocky, Alfie couldn’t cope with being the alpha dog and much to everyone’s surprise Orin took over as top dog! This was the dog that used to peep out from the side of the garage to bark at the postman such was fear of people he didn’t know. His journey to becoming top dog and a much more confidant fella was wonderful to watch but he never lost his silliness and would still love to play with Elmo, Twizzle and Belle.

Every morning when Eric went out to let the chickens out Orin always accompanied his Dad and in truth was never really far from Eric’s side even when Eric felt the time had come to let him have his first off lead run up the meadow he didn’t explode and take off as we had expected but just trotted alongside his Dad. Other than Eric Orin’s favourites things in life were footballs and our daughter Vikki. Orin would often be seen running around the garden with a football in his mouth and when Vikki visited he would guide her to the sofa and lay next to her with his head in her lap demanding attention.

Orin was the most gorgeous tiger brindle with a fabulous soft coat and a wonderful silly funny crazy character that once he decided he liked someone would want to sit and cuddle with them or if it was Donna a friend in the village he would actually shower her with kisses and drool all over her. His ability to act the clown brought so much fun and laughter into our lives.

On Monday 22nd July it was just a normal day and Orin was fine, in the evening he seemed to hurt his back but an hour later had recovered enough to go out for his walk. Normally the evening walk would be about 7.30pm but because it had been so hot Eric and the hounds didn’t go until 9pm. Orin was quiet on his walk and when he came home his back legs collapsed and within minutes he was struggling to breathe. Eric rushed him to the vets and he was sedated and had a tube put in to assist his breathing. X rays showed no injuries no tumours. The vet thought it had to be a pulmonary embolism and started treating him. Orin rallied and was able to breath un aided by 1.30am but by 6am had again gone downhill and needed help breathing. Several more attempts were made to treat him but unbelievable nothing worked or helped and what had seemed to be a normal healthy 4-year-old dog just 12 hours earlier passed away.

Orin was loved so very very much by us and by many other people, his clowning ways brought us so much laughter and joy. To see the shy frightened dog of a year earlier blossom into a happy dog was also so rewarding. His life has been cut unbelievably short and he and us have been robbed of what should have been many happy years ahead.

We will always love you little man and never will you leave our hearts and memories.


gyeong said...

Oh No!!! So sorry. Just unfair. He was so young. The sweet boy will be missed. I remember when we suddenly lost Lucas when he was 5. Shock to the system. My pack sends hugs.

What Remains Now said...

I'm so shocked and heartbroken I don't even know what to say. I'm so sorry. Our first greyhound, Paloma, went like this, and the stunning swiftness is horrible. My deepest sympathy to your whole family and pack.

Orin...You will be so greatly missed. I'm glad you got to bloom into your confident, funny self and have so many hound buddies in your pack. You know the feeling of being a Taylor hound, so you got a little slice of heaven on earth. Enjoy the real thing, big guy. Run, play and rest in peace.

karen barker said...

Sending you a massive hug sue. I know that u love each and everyone of your dogs and to loose one so quickly and unexpectedly must be heartbreaking for you and Eric.

hotpotato said...

Oh Sue, I can't believe what I've just read it's brought tears to my eyes. HUGS TO YOU AND ERIC xxxx

Sue said...

I am in total shock over Orin. With losing Song so suddenly, I know how you are feeling.

All I can say is you gave Orin a wonderful life for the time he was with you.

Polly and I will howl to the moon tonight, to let Orin know he is missed. I am sure he has no end of friends at The Bridge and my Song will be flirting with him.

Can't type any more as I can't see for the tears.

Karen leonard said...

Oh this is so sad...thinking of you xxxxxxx

Hazel said...

The shock of sudden loss is unbelieveable! Thank you for writing the tribute.
Hugs to you and your family!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

OH NO! :-( I just cannot imagine something like that happening to one of mine so young. So unfair to be so young. Very sorry to hear this.

Carol said...

My dear Sue, I can imagine how you and Eric must be feeling, how very sad and what a shock. Sending you all loads of love and big hugz xx

Elaine Pritchard said...

Dear Sue and family

What a terrible shock and what a sad story. I am so sorry for you.

Orin was no age, but the quality of his life with you and the pack was something so many greyhounds never get to experience.

You are very special people to open your hearts and your home to so many beautiful hounds. Please never forget that the Taylor Pack makes the world a better place. We are all thinking of you in our home this weekend and remembering your kindness when we lost Winnie. xxxx

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

So very sorry to learn about the loss of your precious Orin Sue. Such a tragedy for you and him but it sounds like he made the most of his year with you and flourished and bought you all such joy. He deserved to be here for much much longer but I guess forever wouldn't be long enough. Run free sweet Orin.