Friday, 26 July 2013


We've received so many lovely messages and cards. Knowing that some people do understand how terrible it is to lose a very much loved hound does help. Of course there are those who don't get it and can be quiet hurtful albeit unintentionally!

This was the last photo I took of Orin snuggled up to Elmo, Orin was such a snuggle bunny and always cuddling someone


Despite still having 8 hounds there is a huge gaping hole left by Orin, because he was such a clown and always making us laugh at his antics it's so noticeable. The other hounds have been wonderful, giving us the space to grieve and now they are trying to comfort us as we in turn try to give them back some stability.

It's hard to look outside and see the world is carrying on as normal whilst you are feeling so sad and even 3 days later I don't feel ready to go out and be normal. Orin was such a wonderful greyhound and his time with us was way too short but his memories will stay with us forever.

Still on a doggy theme but a lighter note, this is a layout I did at crop of Archie. Archie is my daughters dog and is allegedly a labradoodle with a few extra dreadlocks. Little Ben having grown up surrounded by our hounds had wanted his own dog for so long and they promised him after the honeymoom/holday last year they would start looking. Through some mutual friends they heard about Archie who at just a year old needed a new home.

I think Ben would still prefer to have Gangley or Mojo and has been known to ask if we can swap LOL but as Archie calms down and Ben grows up they will be a perfect partnership, that is if Archie can be persuaded to leave his Mum's side such a Mummy' boy!

Quickly grabbed the camera yesterday to take these photo's of Belle and Twizzle who have hardly left each others side this week. On Tuesday we heard Twizzle making the most awful sad mewing noises totally heartbreaking and since then she has been trying to comfort the pack and us. Twizzile whilst not blessed with the biggest brain has the biggest heart and intuitively knows when you need comforting. You would imagine looking at these photo's that she is an older dog taking care of baby Belle when she in fact she is only 1 year older than Belle.

So thank you to all my blogging friends for your kind words which have been so appreciated

sue x


gyeong said...

All of our friends are doggie people. Just easier that way :) I just love the snuggle pups.

Bill Pritchard said...

So sorry to read about your loss. Winnie was taken from us suddenly as well. Although you know they haven't suffered like they would with a debilitating illness it doesn't make it any easier to bear. I'm sure the rest of your pack will be a great comfort to you in the coming weeks and months.

Sue said...

Agree with Gyeong. Doggie people totally understand.

Love the LO.

Those photos of Twizzle and Belle are lovely.

hotpotato said...

Ah Sue the photos are lovely. If you love your animals like one of the family then the grief when you loose one is just as bad.

What Remains Now said...

I remember when I went back to work after we lost our first Greyhound, people who I never really interacted with came up and extended the most heartfelt sympathy...of course, they were the "animal people." Other friends tried to understand my sadness, but just didn't get it. I understood. Before I had Paloma, I was one of those people in the second group. Thinking of you all as you continue to heal. Those pictures of Twizzle and Belle are so adorable.