Friday, 12 July 2013

In for a penny

As everyone knows we as a family are big supporters of Greyhound Gap, 8 of our 9 hounds came from them! Our son will again be doing another long distance walk this year to raise money for their ongoing kennel fund appeal. Details to be announced shortly.

Lisa the founder of greyhound gap has set up a new FB page called Friends of greyhound gap, it's a place where people can sell things and give a percentage of any money raised to the day to day costs of running greyhound gap, which I might add are enormous,. Greyhound gap is a small charity and relies totally on volunteers constantly raising money.

I  have decided also to have a new FB page called Suzy's Sanctuary and offer my cards for sale. Feeling very apprehensive about it but as they say in for a penny LOL .............Will try and make the page look a bit neater and prettier over the weekend, wanted to strike whilst the iron was hot.

Finally managed to do this layout, it's been inside my head all year and just never got round to doing it! it records my daughter Vikki's constantly changing hair colour and style, she's been the same since she was a teenager and her husband Mathew never quite knows what he'll come home too.

Off to Bramford crop tomorrow and very much looking forward to it.

Hounds are all well and happy. We finally decided taking down all their beds each night was becoming too much work so raided our large collection of duvets, put them into covers and now instead of beds dotted around everywhere there are 5 huge duvets folded over, looks neater, takes less time and they love it LOL. I think every part of our daily life and routine has been severly looked at in an attempt to improve time and work LOL.

sue x


Sue said...

Loving the LO. I love Vikki's hair in the 3rd little photo from the left.

All the best for your FB page to raise funbds for GAP.

Can I make a little suggestion....if your mum is willing, I am sure more people would love the dog hearts. Everyone I have and those I've bought for friends have been beautiful.

Enjoy the crop tomorrow.

Glad the pack like the new bed arrangements.

What Remains Now said...

The FB pages are great ideas. Can't wait to hear about Walking The Beat 2013. Love the layout you did of Vikki's hairstyles. I've been known to change my style a time or two. Is that a new picture of Princess Gangley on your sidebar or am I just noticing it? It's ADORABLE. Of course, I'm a little smitten with her.

gyeong said...

As an all-volunteer greyhound organization, we know how important each donation is. We are always re-evaluating how we do things to make it more streamlined. The pups can be a real time-suck :)