Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Okay so I know us brits have spent months complaining about the long cold winter followed by the non stop rain through spring BUT seriously going from cold and wet to boiling hot is truly awful! All winter I worried about the gas bill as the heating was constantly on and now I'm worrying about the electric bill as we have fans going non stop to try and keep the dogs cool.

Is it too much to ask for a nice 21 or 22 degrees! with a little breeze. What do we have 27 and forecast rising to possibly 30 degrees and high humidity... horrible so it is LOL.

Got a photo of 8 out of 9 hounds woohoo, Gangley absolutely refused to come into shot little minx!

It was bone evening hence the intend on all faces LOL.

At Easter I bought Eric a giant walnut whip and noticed last week it was approaching it's best before date so Sunday evening whilst watching the motorbike racing there was a chocolate fest going on. Inside the large one were 6 little ones yum yum!

Had a lovely relaxing day at Bramford crop just what I needed and the new FB page has already generated quite a few orders of cards for greyhound gap funds.

Disaster yesterday with no warning my hard disk failed! Ironically on my "to do list" that day was a back up as I hadn't done it for 3 months. Luckily Eric put it in the freezer and was able to get it up long enough to recover my important stuff! New hard drive coming today, bigger I'm told LOL. I'm always telling everyone you must back up regularly and it was most embarrassing having to admit to Eric I hadn't..... darn it. I almost went into melt down I can tell you.

Oh well back to the chores, one has decided with every door and window open there seems to be very little point in dusting, wouldn't you agree LOL.


What Remains Now said...

I feel for you with the heat. I love spring, summer and fall, but when it gets super hot and humid...yuck. What an adorable picture of the hounds. Twizzle's black butt is so CUTE, and Belle is so small. Can understand why Gangley didn't want to get in the mix. She is the princess and should have things brought to her. I have never heard of the "freezer" trick. If my hard drive ever fails, I may be emailing you for more information. Hope Eric shared the chocolate.

Jane said...

off to back up my photos etc now!

Sue said...

Love the photos of the hounds.

Glad Eric saved your stuff. Hope the new hard drive works a dream.

Totally agree about the temps. Whats the point of having them so hot, you can't spend long outside. 21/22 would be just right.

gyeong said...

What a great shot of your pack. I feel we've had the same weather as you. Very cold winter. Very wet spring. Rained solid almost the last two weeks, and now we're in a heat wave. With temps in the upper 90s, and feels like triple digits with humidity. Just gross. I back up all my computers on a weekly basis. Now I need a backup drive for all my backups :)