Friday, 18 February 2011

Hospital updates

Guess I had better update on my exciting week!!!!!! all boring and no crafting but I know some of you like to keep up to date with my goings on LOL...

Ruby has settled so well and feels like she has been here for ages, she really is a poppet.


Wednesday camera thingy! no sedation as it meant having it through a cannula and I just couldn't bear the thought of yet another botched attempt. It was horrible but not as bad as I remembered and the upshot is I have large ulcer, treating with extra lansporazle and another medicine called sucralfate to try and reduce it, also they want me to stop some RA drugs, I did explain this was unlikely due to current RA situation etc but shall book  a drug review with consultant. If meds don't work it may need surgery. I did get a little scared when they asked how far away we lived from hospital and when we explained it's usually a 45 min trip they said if I got acute pain or vomited blood to dial 999.

Thursday saw the gastrologist and he basically re iterated what we were told Wednessday and said they would repeat camera in 4 weeks.

Friday, took dressings off hand and it  looks quite good, then put a cast on, back next Thursday to have cast removed to check stitches etc and then another one on for 6 weeks. Cast is very uncomfortable and feels too tight across knuckles especially when the pins have been inserted which go down arm 6-7 inches with a plate as well. It has actually made me cry for the first time! maybe it just feels so tight as before I had a slapback underneath with just bandages on top so maybe I will get used to it but they did say to go back if any problems. I chose a purple cast to match bruises LOL.

So hospital appts continue to mount had really hoped for a week off next week.

Feeling a tad sorry for myself tonight but going to crop tomorrow so something to look forward to.



Jane said...

poor Sue, I do feel for you, try and enjoy the crop tomorrow x

Winnie said...

*hugs* Sue. It all sounds so awful. Hope there's light at the end of the tunnel soon. Focus on all your gorgeous dogs. I know they'd cheer me up!! :D