Tuesday, 15 February 2011


So Ruby the foster greyhound arrived Sunday evening and was very stressed and unsettled after being taken from her family (wife has walked out, leaving husband to cope with kids and dogs whilst trying to work, so he sadly had to return Ruby back to gap after 3 years) and travelling for 6 hours in 4 different  cars down to us. We introduced her to each of our dogs one at a time and no one so much as growled at her.

The first night she was a little restless but since then has settled down so well, she is now very relaxed and I have to say the perfect house guest. Ruby is very affectionate and gentle and loves having her tummy tickled Someone is going to get themselves a beautiful hound. I can't think she'll be here long as there have already been some enquiries about her. Tried to get a good photo but as usual failed LOl. 

Ruby is the one next to the tele...

Have also done another digi LO of Ben on his 5th birthday in December using Dawn Inksips kit making tracks.

Swelling of fingers has reduced alot but the pain continues to be awful, hip is much better just a tad tender now.

3 hospital appts this week, deep joy, so not looking forward to the camera down my tummy tomorrow, shall be mighty relieved when this week is over BUT I have papermaze crop on Saturday to look forward to.

Sue x


Sandra's Spot said...

Ruby looks adorable and very much at home just like she is where she belongs LOL. Just love the LO of Ben. Hope tomorrow is not too traumatic. Keep brave, See you Saturday xoxo

Carol said...

well, well, well did I read "someone will get themselves a beautiful hound"? lets see shall we!!!!!!!!!!!!! roflxx She looks so at home.....xx

Good Luck for tomorrow, if its an afternoon appointment might see you up there!

see you saturday xx

Winnie said...

Ruby looks like a lovely dog. Hope she goes to a good home soon. Hope the hospital appointments went well too.