Monday, 7 February 2011

Wrist update

So finally we found out the fluid has no infection and the hand surgeon was amazed to see the wrist looking so good after last week's episode LOL

So as it stands, I'm going into hospital for 7.30am Thursday to have the wrist fussed, slightly bigger op than planned as surgeon has now decided to take bone from hip and put in wrist along with the pins and plates.

I had been down for a regional anaesthetic which I hate as it means you're wide awake in theatre but now he needs to take some bone I'll be having a full general anaesthetic. I've been told to take overnight bag as I may not get out the same day as planned but that's a small price to pay if we can finally get this dam wrist fussed.

Sue xx

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Jane said...

glad it's not as bad as they thought Sue, but it still sounds horrific, take care xx