Thursday, 24 February 2011

New cast

Today I went to the hospital and had that wretched cast removed, oh the sheer relief, new cast is much more comfortable. We also got to see the x rays of the 2 rods/pins that go from the top of the two knuckles through bone and are about 8/9 inches long, could also see quite clearly the bone graft. Anyway don't have to go back to that department again until 25th March yay !!!!!!!

Had a little play with a digi layout using a Dawn Inksip Template (mine was very loosely based on it way to advanced for me) and a kit she made available to UKS free last month. After I printed it out I added some gems and pearls so I guess it's really another hybrid layout LOL...would like to say digi is quicker but I am equally as slow at digi as I am at paper scrapping LOL.

Ruby had a bit of a disaster and broke a nail which required a trip to the vets, we thought her nails were odd and turns out she has some condition which makes them very weak, other than that she continues to be the perfect house guest.

Plans are a foot to celebrate Jim's 11th birthday next week, which basically means I have to make him a liver birthday cake yuck yuck yuck!

Going to have a normal Friday tomorrow with Dawn coming to scrap and chat woohoo !!!


Jane said...

love the layout Sue but not sure about the liver cake!
Enjoy your day tomorrow.

Sandra's Spot said...

Love the hybrid LO,you might be slow but the end result is just Fab.Glad to hear you cast is more comfortable. XOXO

Winnie said...

Ooh, I love your digi/hybrid LO. Very pretty. I have to say that digi takes me just as long as paper, if not longer! Good luck with the liver cake, I refuse to do one for my furkids! LOL