Wednesday, 18 September 2013


So life is pretty much to normal now the walk has finished just a few loose ends to tie up, donations are still coming in and currently the total with gift aid is £3,431which is fantastic! BUT even better combined with the money raised on the first two walks brings the total to £10,011. £10,000 was the target we set ourselves to reach over 4 walks so with 1 walk still to go we've already achieved our goal.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us, donated or bought my cards.

In the weeks leading upto then the walk and then  a week or so after it pretty much dominates life around here so I am really looking forward to going away Friday with Dawn. As usual we're off to Norfolk in the caravan where we will scrap, chat and chill. Perfect timing. Have a stinky cold so hoping it goes quickly.

I've made this digi layout and framed it to post to Lisa the found of Greyhound Gap, she enjoyed walking with the boys so much on the final stretch that I wanted to give her something to remember it by. Hope she likes it.

The fields behind us have been harvested and the season has definately rolled from summer to autumn but my baskets are still looking quite good. The watering system Eric installed is wonderful I just turn the tap on and set the timer, really has made a difference as this year.

The twins LOL Mojo and Indy who look so alike even down to only having half a tail now have matching collars, Rocky also has one on order.

Rocky was really effected by the passing of Orin and totally withdrew but is on his way back and is showing signs of being really cheeky. Gangley continues to do well and is fast approaching the day when she will want to walk further than I can manage. I've just ordered her a new jumper as it's turning chilly, to think when I came back from my weekend in May I was in tears to see how wobbly she had become. I know it's down to Lori's treatment which she has daily and making her walk twice a day has improved her muscle tone. We call her Madam Yip as she is always yipping at something or yipping to wind the others up LOL. She's a little monkey but I am so grateful to still have her.

My brother and family live in Longmount Colarado, Kelly's work is flooded and they are pretty much cut off from the terrible floods last week. 11 inches of rain in 3 days! so sad to see the video footage.

So hope everyone has a great weekend, I intend too LOL.

Sue x


gyeong said...

Busy time, but glad to hear everyone is doing well.

hotpotato said...

Enjoy your weekend away with Dawn Sue.

Sue said...

So glad Gangley is doing well.

What a wonderful achievement for the boys to have already reached the target, despite having another walk to do.

The LO is fab.

Snazzy collars for the lads.

Hope your brother and sil will be ok.

Hope you shake that cold and you have a lovely break away.