Friday, 7 August 2009

The clue is there

So who do you think walked on the wet concrete?

Alfie Bear of course, see 1,2,3, no 4th paw print LOL...I was out and Eric managed to stop yelling at him long enough to take the photo for me....

I've been doing a few more the the Jessica Sprague photo editing classes, well I'm only upto day 5 and it goes upto 14 and everyone else finished about two weeks ago hey ho.....

So I started with this photo of Gangley running with a plum in her mouth but it was so green

so I de saturated the colour and hand tinted the plum from green to purple and added a soft light effect and got this

then I added a grungy clipped mask and got this

and after all that work decided to scrap it and did this

Papers are leftover scraps from MME and Crate.

And finally one more photo I've played with adding another clipped mask. Our garden actually looks good from this angle and you can see why it's called "Wind in the Willows" LOL


Jane said...

gorgeous photos Sue

Jenny said...

Gorgeous photos Sue, well done for getting one scrapped already.