Friday, 28 August 2009


The regime that we have devised for Sandy and Jim is hard work, no other way to describe it but we feel it is worth it. Sandy almost 3 months on from being diagnosed with Osteosarcoma is still very well, happy and as cheeky as ever. Jim is much more settled these last few days and all we can do is hope for the best.

Eric took this photo yesterday of me Jim and Alfie Bear. Jim was saying thank you Mum for me lovely grub!

and here sis the lovely grub in the making

all mixed up and ready to be scoffed

and all tidied up and ready prepared for the next 4 days!!!!

Bet you'd like to see the photo of when I'm actually cooking it all, not a chance LOL, the kitchen looks like a bomb has gone off with every pot and pan I own in use.

Off to Easton Farm Park with Vikki and Ben tomorrow, better remember the camera.


Jane said...

you do look very organised Sue!

vikki said...

yes mum please remember the cam. xx looking forward to it xx

Carol said...

What a fab piccie Sue - Jim looks so devoted....are you going to scrap it next week?
Hope the weather stays nice for you all tomorrow and that the foot is ok...
See you soon xx

Sarah said...

Oh just read back over your postings, so very sorry to hear,
My mum has rescue grey hounds and lurchers - they are such lovely dogs.
Hope they are pain free for as long as possible - they both look very happy.
Have a lovely day tomorrow.

All the best