Monday, 10 August 2009

A relaxing day

Saturday was Bramford crop and I had a super day even if Dawn was missing. Poor Dawn had carefully arranged her weekends away so not to miss any crops but we hadn't realised this crop has been moved back a week and clashed with her trip to Edinburgh LOL. Jannina you are so in trouble but I had a super day thank you.

Anyway after yet another hectic week I really needed a chill out day and that's just what I had. Unfortunately I came home to the farmer doing the harvest on the field behind me and a dust cloud covering everything in DUST of course. Never mind I had been waiting for him to do it so I could get curtains down and washed etc.

I spent ages trying to arrange these four photo's into a circle during the week and had a clear idea of what I was trying to achieve, UNTIL the cricut chewed up the 1 piece of suitable paper !!!! I ended up having to carefully hand cut around the chewed up pieces to end up with this.

Sandy continues to do well!

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hotpotato said...

Hi Sue I do so love this L/O you did on Saturday...say hi to Dawny for me.See you both at Papermaze.
Janina x