Friday, 21 August 2009

Jim, Sandy and my foot

Jim is more comfortable now he has medication to relieve his pain and had a really good walk this morning. he is loving the new food but is not so keen on the herbal tea and other alternative treatments we have put him on. Basically he is getting the same as Sandy but Sandy is very good at taking all the stuff we syringe down her throat whilst Jim is a big girls blouse and makes such a fuss over it.

I went to hospital Tuesday for my foot and the surgeon seemed fairly pleased with how it's doing. Whilst the bone is in very poor condition due to years of rheumatoid arthritis and drugs the screw has actually stayed in place. So the plan is to start wearing shoes yay!!!!! and go back in 4 months unless I feel the screw moves.

Not much crafting taking place but alot of cooking for Sandy and Jim LOl.

Thank you to everyone who has sent such lovely messages about Jim and Sandy.


Carol said...

Great news about the foot Sue - still reeling after reading the last post about poor Jim.....hugs to all of you xx

Jane said...

glad you have got some good news Sue, thinking of you both xx

Melinda said...

I love your blog. Great pics. My sister saved racing greyhounds for many years she still has one . She just got to old to do it any longer

vikki said...

im so happy that your foot is better . i'm proud of you 4 doing all the waliking on saturday, i had a lovely day thanks mum .xx glad my jim is ok and sandy too. big kissis to both . xx love you xxxx