Monday, 17 August 2009

Papermaze crop

Vanessa and her Mum were off on their holidays, so Karen who works at papermaze stepped in and did a wonderful job. She put together a lovely class kit which I shall look forward to doing and opened up the shop for us all. I spent a fortune on new papers, well I hadn't bought any since April LOL.

This is the layout I did with the last of my paper bought in April. My Minds Eye - Bloom and Grow. Photo is Ben and Mathew on the beach at Great Yarmouth.

Karen (not the same Karen) gave me some waves cut out of acrylic and outlined and was the perfect finishing touch. Thank you Karen.

Eric has dug out the porch base and is now ready to fill it up with concrete, think I'll have a better idea of how it will look when the porch and conservatory bases are joined.

Sandy is still good and Alfie Bear is recovered but now Lucky seems to have whatever AB had !!!

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Carol said...

gorgeous layout girlie and those acrylic waves defiantely finished it off xx