Wednesday, 19 August 2009

How can life be this cruel

Last night we received the shocking news that yet another one of our greyhounds has bone cancer.

Sandy was diagnosed at the beginning of June and now Jim has been given the same devastating news only his is much more aggressive.

Jim was playing in the garden on Monday evening with Alfie Bear when he suddenly screamed and fell to the ground. A huge lump which most definitely wasn't there before appeared, so thinking he had sprained something he went off to see the vet. The vet thought he had a green back fracture and said he needed to stay in overnight for x rays and morphine with a view to operate this morning. The x rays showed no break but a huge bone cancer tumour.

Eric is going to collect Jim this afternoon and discuss treatment with the vet but all we're talking about is controlling the pain and keeping him as happy and comfortable as we can.

Ironically Sandy and Jim came to us 5 years ago within two weeks of each other and now it seems they will be leaving together as well.

I cannot believe how bl**dy cruel life can be to our beautiful hounds.

Any good thoughts you can send their way will be so appreciated.

Sandy and Jim in happier times


hotpotato said...

Sue, how sad for poor Jim....hope you and Eric are bearing up as I know these hounds mean so much to you.
Love Janina x

vikki said...

i love you xx i'm going to miss jim and sandy too . im here if you need me mum xxxx

Carol said...

OH NO SUE! how so very cruel - big hugs to everyone....xx

Jane said...

I'm so sorry Sue xx