Monday, 3 August 2009

Wasted weekend

Spent all weekend feeling rotten. Sniffy runny nose, aching limbs and a headache. Saturday I mostly slept all day, did manage to wake up to eat LOL. Sunday I got up long enough to cook another batch of Sandy's food and finish a layout off but that was it.

A wasted weekend !!!!!

Still not feeling right today but have at least finished a few chores. No dusting etc for me as Eric will be chiseling out brickwork soon to tuck damp proof stuff in and I know from past experience what a mess brick dust makes, it is able to find a way in even when you think everywhere is sealed up !!!!

This layout is of Vikki going back to blonde. i swear she's tried every colour going LOL, She was almost a white blonde as a child!

papers are from BoBunny Alissa.

Made Mum a word book for her birthday card.



Sandy and Lucky are off to Mr Vet this afternoon. Sandy's visit is so the vets can keep an eye on her lump and general well being and poor old Ducks has gingivitis again.


hotpotato said...

Sue, have you checked to make sure you haven't sprouted a pink curly tail LOL.......hope you soon feel better.Love the LO.See you Saturday.
Janina x

Jane said...

hope you feel better soon Sue and look forward to seeing what you have done with the J.S. class xx