Monday, 5 January 2009

Back to normailty

So I guess today is the day most people have gone back to work and the children back to school, Christmas is officially done and dusted for another year.

Ben has started nursery today and will be going 5 mornings a week and will be wearing proper pants as Vikki made a real effort over Christmas to get the little chap out of nappies. Ben wasn't very keen but seems to have got the hang of it now thanks to Vikki's patience and lots of stickers lol.... .

Jim and Ranger had a major bust up yesterday, one minute they were playing nicely and the next blood and fur were flying. They were in the garden being closely supervised by Eric and i was watching out of the window and yet neither of us saw what sparked it off. Jim has a torn ear and Ranger has grazes all down his leg where Eric yet again had to do a flying rugby tackle... and poor Eric has a nasty bump to his head where he hit the concrete to go with his poorly hand that got bitten by Ranger a few days before Christmas when he was trying to stop another scuffle. Ranger is a sweetheart most of the time but does seem to have a knack for being in the middle of trouble. he looks so sorry afterwards..

I'm still feeling rotten with my hand but trying to ignore it and do a few bits around the house. Need to sort some bits out for crop Saturday, not sure how I'll do but i can sit and chatter if nothing else.

So I can finally share some of the Christmas presents I made.

These are acrylic frames which I bought from Ang at Bramford crop after seeing one she made and added my own touches to.

Vikki and Ben

And this one was for a friend of her dog Dylan

also done several canvas's which I show next time.


Gem's Crafts said...

The gifts that you made for your daughter and friend and daughter are just gorgeous! I bet they were really pleased with them :) PS Hope your hand starts to improve, Gem xx

hotpotato said...

Sue the frames are gorgeous and what a lovely gift and quite inexpensive too.......see you on Saturday.Janina xx