Wednesday, 7 January 2009

So cold

I anyone as fed up as me with this ongoing cold snap! We still have snow laying from Monday.

Jim ended up at the vets last night as his bites have become infected but he looks much happier this morning with some antibiotics and painkilling jabs...

A few more Christmas presents I made, to share with you. All done on canvass. I got the idea from Wendy who is on the design team for Papermaze, mine are much more basic than hers lol..

The very beautiful Miss Flo O'Sausage

Milo Herbie and Skye

and the very handsome Cooper

A few other projects I made were wrapped and sent off without photographing first d'oh

Going to attempt to scrap with Dawn tomorrow, no idea if I will be able to as my hand is completley numb so had better prep something very basic LOL...

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