Friday, 16 January 2009

Hooray !!!!

Woke up this morning and actually felt better, first time in 5 weeks I can say that I feel OKAY !!!! So to celebrate this remarkable feeling I've baked some bread made cauliflower cheese for tea and re arranged some dust. Thought I'd better make the most of it just in case LOL.

Hand is still bothersome but showing signs of a little feeling slowly coming back.

I had a lovely relaxing day yesterday scrapping with Dawn. Dogs were extremely good and I actually felt myself relaxing.

Did this layout of me Ben and Vikki sharing a funny moment at the Boxing Day bash at my parents house.

close up

So now I'm going to look at photo's and spend some time getting ready for Otley crop tomorrow.


Carol said...

Yeah! glad to hear that the hand is feeling much better!! what a relief! and what a fab layout, love all the twiddly bits!

See you Saturday xx (oh thats tomorra!! see you tomorra!! lolxx)

Carol said...

Suzy lovely to see you today, pop over to my blog there's a little something for you xx

Dawn said...

Hi Sue
wow I love your layout and all your dogs are so adorable , I think it is so brilliant what you are doing for the greyhounds, I love animals and would love to have a dog but have 2 cats and live in a flat so it's impossible but I do sponsor a dog with Dogs Trust, I loved reading about them.