Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Hospital AGAIN !

Yesterday saw us back at the hospital but this time it was my 4/6 month post op knee review. We were lucky and hit the x ray department just right and didn't have to wait hours, then on to see the surgeon Miss Marx who was as pleased as me with the way the op and following months has gone. So after a few minutes chatting and showing her the movement I have she decided that I needn't go back anymore hooray !!!!

Well not for the knee anyway. I originally had an appointment to see Miss marx as my big toe needs to be fussed but as my knee collapsed just prior to that appointment we abandoned the toe op and went for the urgent knee replacement, so now it's back to plan A and the op is booked for May! day surgery but followed by 6 weeks of being in plaster. I'm beginning to feel I'll never be free of hospitals and operations again.

The wretched hand is showing tiny signs of improvement, the pills definitely take the edge of the pain and today I not only managed to hold the hairbrush but also peeled some spuds LOL.

Scrapping is still proving difficult although i have done a layout but not happy with it at all. That's what you get for going to crop unprepared. For some reason I always do layouts that I end up disliking at crop, maybe I spend to much time yapping and then think OMG I'd better stick something down...

Anyway I wanted to record Eric had to do all the baking at Christmas this year as I'd had the hand op just a few days before so here it is...

Hoping to produce something better tomorrow when I scrap with Dawn.

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Carol said...

Wow I love that layout! love it all - you achieved far more than I did!! lolxx I could have just gone to sleep!!

Glad to hear that the knee is now ok but sorry to hear about the toe!! big (((hugs))) xx