Sunday, 25 January 2009

What a week

It's been a funny old week, Eric spent Tuesday getting Vikki's car ready for the MOT and boy was it cold outside but on Thursday it passed with just a new tyre needed.

Wednesday poor Sandy woo had to have a tooth out, we have been battling a gum infection since November and had really thought it was working but last weekend her mouth swelled up yet again and this time the tooth just had to come out, she actually ended up having another 3 teeth out, poor Sandy woo doesn't have many teeth left now, she was quite discomforted when she finally came home and really out of sorts on Thursday but seems much now now.

Thursday was my usual scrap day with Dawn, so after a cuppa and a bit of yapping we settled down to scrap, only to be interrupted with a phone call fro her daughter's partner Pete. Pete said they were on the way to hospital as Tanya was in labour, well Dawn took a lot of convincing as the baby wasn't due until the 17th Feb but a short time later she received a text complete with a photo and is now the very very proud firt time Gran to little Jude weighing in at 5lbs 8ozs and 3 weeks and 5 days early. So not a lot of scrapping actually got done as we were far to busy shouting and screaming and celebrating.

After I'd packed Dawn off to the hospital to meet her Grandson, I eventually finished this layout of Dawn and me at my birthday meal

I've used Basic Grey Ambrosia papers and cut some of the butterflies out for embellishments and then embossed them with UTEE. I'm quite pleased with it, especially as I've actually managed to leave some white space for a change.

Saturday Dawn and I went to town for a wander round. I bought a igloo bed for Gangley in the hope she could be persuaded to sleep in it at night time but NO she slept on the bed again last night, so will have to come up with some subterfuge to get her in it LOL. I also bought a gorgeous little outfit for Jude, we were all sure Tanya was having a girl so it's took some time getting used to blue and not pink...he is absolutely gorgeous and Dawn is totally smitten and BROKE!


Michelle said...

Just found your blog. I am trying to9 learn to scrap. Am a bit 'scared' as Am not creatively artistic but really want to scrap...

Also I know Rainbow brisge. I only left it on someone's blog the other day who had lsot a beloved animal. I like how u feel about the greyhounds..I only found out about their plight in recent times,,,dont know someone would want to race dogs in the first place...

Have added you to my list of blogs,,

Michelle said...

Sorry, I should have proofread first...

dont know why someone,,,

can spell, still need to practice re typing :)

Dis you go to classes to learn how to scrap or teach yourself ?

Carol said...

Hi Suzy! say Congratulations to Dawn for me! wow she must be really excited!

I love the layout, its gorgeous and those butterflies just devine! gorgeous piccie of you two too.

Hope that Sandy lady is feeling much better now and that she can eat!

See you soon, xx

hotpotato said...

Hi Sue, can you say a big congrats to Dawn for me on the birth of little Jude.......want to see photos next weekend at the crop......Janina x