Sunday, 19 August 2012

34c or 93.2f

Seriously that's the temperature my car read when I arrived home from crop yesterday and indoors thermometer read 32c! and as for the humidity gross! Apparently a little place not far from here was the hottest in the country yesterday. Personally a nice 20 or 21 is just right for me LOL.

I had decided to go to crop thinking that the village hall which we spend most of the year freezing in would be a cool haven, wrong it was so hot I had to pack up early and come home, actually quite a lot of girls did! My lovely new car has air conditioning and I had it on full blast and still roasted all the way home.

Fans have been on 24/7 in an attempt to keep the dogs cool, although Twizzle and Elmo don't seem to be effected by the heat and continue to roar around like lunatics whilst the other hounds look on in disbelief LOL.

Didn't actually get much done in the way of scrapping yesterdy but had a quick play with a digi layout today, photo's of Ben and Harvey taken Tuesday when we all got together.

Forecast tomorrow is 24c so hoping I might find the energy to actually do some domestic duties as not a thing has been done for two days!

Volvo passed it's MOT on Friday after having two new tyres fitted, Eric was having a banter with them when he went to collect it pulling their leg that they always fail our cars on tyres when another chap pipped up and said his bill was 3 times that of ours, bearing in mind the old Volvo  is now 23 years old I don't think we had much room to complain. Good job Mr T keeps her rolling along as we would be lost without it for hound transportation.

We've had Belle out of the crate a lot over the weekend as she's been a bit less manic due to the heat, she understandably craves contact with humans and hounds and really is a little poppet. Only another 3 weeks to the next review she says!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sue said...

With you on the temps. Usuaully my flat is cool, but not today.

Fab LO.

Glad Volvo made it through MOT.

Hope Belle's can hang on for those three weeks.

karen said...

great layout. I hope it cools down soon too.

gyeong said...

I didn't know it could get that hot over there. Hope a cool breeze blows your way.

What Remains Now said...

We seem to be the complete opposites in weather this year. It has been lovely here in the August! I am laughing at Elmo and Twizzle roaring around like lunatics. Young ones. Glad Belle is able to get out and get some lovin'.

Winnie said...

In the Midlands it's been humid but I've never found it too hot not to be able to sleep - but I'm a greyhound so I guess sleeping comes easy!

Love and licks, Winnie