Wednesday, 8 August 2012

It's a dogs life!

Belle was a bit unsettled yesterday so I abandoned domestic goddess duties to spend a bit extra time in the study with her and watched a tutorial on using masks and blending techniques, rather pleased with how it turned out. Looks very simple I know but there is a lot going on actually LOL.

Hounds are all well, Elmo has finished his 3 week course of ab's and his skin is back to normal and so is he ie full of mischief (she says putting it nicely).

Not much else happening other than dogs, dogs, dogs.

Did manage to do some baking this morning and repot two orchids, so guess they'll shrivel up and die now. Was lovely to get in the greenhouse, what with with all the ops etc haven't been in there for ages.

Hand clinic was good yesterday after 2 appts that saw no progress or even worse going backwards this time the finger had made a big leap forward on the degree it can bend and Charlotte has showed us how to tape the finger into a slightly bent position to try and stop this habit I still have of holding it out straight, well 18 months of ruptured tendon and ramrod straight is proving a hard habit to break.

Must crack on with wedding layouts, a friend has challenged me to do one everyday albeit in a rough form just to get it started, having a huge mental block over this.

Apologies for not getting round to visit you all as often as I would like.

Sue x


Sue said...

Lovely LO. Great plan to be challeneged to do a LO everyday.

Glad the hounds are doing well.

Also glad the clinic went well.

Sure the orchids will do just fine.

What Remains Now said...

I know I won't get around to it for a while (probably a long while), but I am interested in one day learning how to do things digitally. I love what you do.

gyeong said...

What a beautiful layout. If I weren't so lazy, I'd learn how to do it too.

Carol said...

Hiya sue glad to hear that hand clinic went well x little belle looks a gorgeous girl x enjoy your day with dan tomorrow xx