Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Photo shoot!

Last night we finally managed to get everyone together and get the photo to launch this years walk. Totally manic but we've ended up with a good shot! Really wanted little Belle in the front but she was so excited that we decided against it in the end for fear of her leg being damaged.

So a huge thank you to Jacqui for bringing her dogs over, Left to Right

Elmo, Stuart a new addition to the walking team this year also a policeman, Twizzle, Gangley. Alfie Bear, Marc my son and the driving force behind these walks, Orin, behind Orin is Mojo, then Jacqui's dogs Alfie, Billie, Steve the 3rd walker with Cara and Solo. All but Jacqui's greyhound Alfie are greyhound gap dogs!

After it calmed down we did bring Belle out as the police press officer wanted a shot of Alfie to write up his story on how GG saved his life after he was left with a fractured skull. Alfie ended up losing the sight in one eye and his leg and Little Belle again GG have literally saved her life by getting the owners to sign her over after they told the vet to PTS because they couldn't pay to have her leg repair.

I made lemon drizzle cake as a thank you for humans and pilchard cake for hounds, boy did they enjoy that.

Thankfully the rain held off and Eric's idea of having the banner at the front and taking the photo's from the top of a ladder worked well. The t shirts have been donated by a pub Steve uses and they are making a donation to each walk from this year as a thank you for the publicity they will get on the t shirts.

After everyone left  I felt a little sad remembering that Jim, Lucky and Ruby were missing from the photo, Max Steve's greyhounds and one of Jacqui's all lost to cancer.

So there we have it this years photo for this years walk  The Southern Upland way from one side of Scotland to the other, over 200 miles in 11 days starting 21st September.

Next fund raising event is a quiz night on 31st August.

All information can be found on our lovely new website here http://www.walkingthebeat.co.uk/ with a link to our just giving page if anyone would like to make a donation but please don't feel you have too!

Tomorrow I have daughter and daughter in law with both grandsons coming tomorrow plus my ex sister in law and her two boys, sure hope it doesn't rain and tonight I'm off out for a meal with friends I used to work with.


Jane said...

a great photo Sue, hope it all goes well x

Sue said...

Fab photos. So glad the rain stayed away.

Hope the cakes didn't get mixed up:)

Enjoy having your family over tomorrow and your meal out tonight.

hotpotato said...

lovely photos Sue, bring your sponsor form sometime so I can sponsor the boys.

Declan said...

Well done on all that hard work. Hope you raise lots of money! Deccy x

gyeong said...

That is a good looking group of dogs. People too :)

What Remains Now said...

The pictures turned out great! Please keep sharing all about the walk. I love to follow along.

Winnie said...

Lovely, lovely photoshoot.

Well done to all the hounds for posing so well.

Love and licks, Winnie

James said...

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