Thursday, 9 August 2012

Working 9 to 5


My day starts at 5.30am taking little Belle outside and carries on until late, I am shattered.

Spent hours today sending off emails to local companies to see if they will donate a prize for a quiz night we have arranged on the 31st for the fund raising, haven't even started my own list today and just when you think that's it I've had enough something unexpected and lovely happens.

A lady in our village who is a retired nurse, has two lovely dogs recently won a small amount of money on the lottery apparently, well Eric was telling her last night about the latest additions to the pack and how Marc was again this year doing another long distance walk to raise money for greyhound gaps kennel fund, Eric was explaining about Marc's injury and operation and his fight to be ready in time. Being a nurse and also having a son who is a police officer she totally understood how anxious we feel and what do you know she went on the just giving page and donated £100 I mean £100 pounds wowee such kindness keeps you going.

So my friends on UKS challenged me to do 1 wedding layout a day or at least to get the bare bones of 1 down each day, I finished this one that I started yesterday early this morning but have yet to start today's, oh well guess I'm not superwoman after all. I know I'll end up going back and tweaking them before I print but I am reasonably happy with this.

Hounds are all so energised which in turn excites Little Belle who is really fed up being in the crate, managed to have her out for 3 hours last night as she was so good and just laid beside me, if she was a cat the purrs would have been mighty loud.

My daughter and family are now at Niagara Falls, arrived late in the evening as they wanted to see it at night and today are taking a boat trip, boy had she better be taking photo's. Tomorrow they travel back to Cleveland and then Saturday begin the journey home arriving Sunday morning.

Going to attempt a scrap day with Dawn tomorrow, well at least I get to sit LOL.


hotpotato said...

love the page Sue. What kindness from that lady, restores your faith in human kindness.

Sue said...

Hope your hard work pays off and you get some fab prizes.

That was so kind of the lady.

Loving the LO.

Glad hounds are ok and Belle is getting out of the crate more.

Sounds like you will need several sessions to see all the photos your daughter will have taken.

Enjoy your scrap day tomorrow.

What Remains Now said...

Your layout is wonderful. I love details like the shoes and dress captured in such a lovely way. Also love the impression of Vicki on the background paper. What a great donation. I hope your calls get a great return. Love to the pups.