Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Little Belle update

Little Belle has had x rays today and Tom our vet has said the radius is healing very well, screws may be an issue with ulna, as they are a bit long (as per vets original note).

Back in 4 weeks for review may need x ray will decide when he sees her.

If screws are a problem then plate may need to be removed if screws OK then plate can stay in.

Lead walks around the garden and can slowly be increased, still to be crated but with the option of supervised “off lead” time out in the house.

Inoculations started today, second set in two weeks and then she can have tiny proper walks.

Trying not to think about another 4 weeks of her being crated, I know it has to be, to give the leg the time it needs to heal and strengthen but it's so hard for her and us.

Had a very busy day with grand kids and nephews etc but lovely to get them all together, dogs are shattered from all the attention LOL.Bought a couple of water pistols for under a quid and it kept the kids happy for hours, just goes to show you don't need to spend a fortune.

Vikki came armed with loads of goodies from America including my favourite cherry liquorice and Reece bars and to think I was going to start my healthy eating campaign tomorrow after two weeks of over indulging LOL. Would be very rude not to eat them wouldn't it.

Sue x


What Remains Now said...

I'm glad Belle is progressing but wish it could all be done so she could frolic about. You are an angel for suffering through this with her. Love her layout. I'm a huge Reese's Peanut Butter Cup fan. In fact, it's my favorite.

Sue said...

Hope after 4 weeks Belle's can finally get out of the crate for good.

Glad you all had a nice, if tiring day yesterday:)

It would be rude not to eat those yummy treats, but if you like I could help you out:) LOL

Declan said...

Poor Belle...and you! She's a lucky girl to have you! Deccy x